DAVINA ROBINSON is an American singer-songwriter originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA, now based in Osaka, Japan. She has become known for her powerful belting style and versatile interpretations of various genres, as well as for her appearances in Kincho television commercials.

Her signature blues-rock-soul sound, prominently heard in her original CD releases The Blazing Heart and Black Rock Warrior Queen, has garnered various notices and accolades, notably Honorable Mention from the Billboard Songwriting Contest. Davina also has represented Hard Rock Cafe Osaka in the worldwide Hard Rock Rising Contest. Her original songs have been featured on several Japanese radio stations, including FM-802 and Radio Kansai, and she has been featured in print media such as The Japan Times newspaper and Kansai Scene magazine.

Davina is known not only as a powerful singer, but also as a narrator and television personality. As a narrator, her credits include projects for Nestle, Panasonic and CAPCOM; as a television personality, she has appeared on Japanese variety shows “Nodo Jiman the World” and “Ohayo Asahi”, has starred in three nationwide television commercials for the household products company Kincho, and has appeared on the “Blues City Osaka” episode of the NHK WORLD series, Journeys In Japan.

Davina has proven her versatility in a variety of professional situations and genres, from her roots in blues, rock and soul, to her expansion into gospel, jazz and pop. She has sung backup vocals for Ray Parker, Jr. and Cheryl Lynn, and has performed at major events such as the Hankyu New York Fair, the Soulbird Gospel Concert, the Sakai Blues Festival and Tokyo Soul Drive. 

Davina continues to write and perform original material while expanding her repertoire, allowing herself to fully embrace her eclectic influences, which diversely include Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Bonnie Raitt, Etta James and Led Zeppelin. Whether an intimate acoustic lounge show or a large outdoor festival with her band, Davina’s powerful performances and seamless weaving of various genres appeal to a wide range of fans. 



また、 ビルボード・マガジン・ソング・コンテストにて自身が作詞・作曲したオリジナル曲が優秀賞を受賞。レイ・ パーカーJr.、シェリル・リン等の関西公演にバックアップヴォーカルとして参加。 

そして、ライブ活動に加えて、ラジオ局の番組ジングル、CM、ナレーションなどにも声が起用された。KINCHOのテレビCM、「のど自慢ザワルド」、ABCテレビ「おはよう朝日」、NHK WORLD「Journeys In Japan」 での大阪ブルースドキュメンタリー等にも出演など、活動の幅を広げた。




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